Terminals Supported

Terminals Supported By Prismpay

Terminals Supported by PrismPay for your business gives you many options. We provide more ways for you to accept payments from your customers, manage your payment infrastructure, and to grow your business in the future. PrismPay is more than just another payment solution. It’s a way to make your transactions more secure, make them faster, and give you refined level of control over how you do business. With our PrismPay Cloud Connect terminal management system, it’s easier than ever to retain full control over your system while ensuring a quality experience for your customers. When you add PrismPay to your existing location, you gain the ability to accept payments faster and more securely in more ways. With advanced features like the ability to pay by mobile, establishing your own loyalty program, and having total control over all of your terminals, implementing PrismPay into your business will put you a step ahead of the competition.