Can You Afford to Give Your Credit Card Processing to the Lowest Bidder?

With 80% of online shoppers using credit cards, you can’t afford NOT to take credit cards. Did you know that merchants offering credit cards as a payment option increase their profitability by estimated 50%? With the inherent advantages involving credit card processing, should you really go with your initial instinct and choose the cheapest option? […]

Merchant Services Affected by Financial Crisis

Credit Card Debt According to the Fox News, American’s total credit card debt has reached 1 Trillion– up 6 percent from a year ago and the highest ever recorded. This may sound like good news for the Acquirer industry but it may have a bad spiral effect. Some may speculate that our financial situation started […]

Does Your Payment Gateway Measure Up?

Online Shopping On The Rise online shopping Online shopping is at an all-time high. According to, Statista Portal over 1.66 Billion consumers have shopped online. This is up 40% in the last two years. The most purchased items are books, clothes, accessories, video games, airline tickets and electronic equipment. Purchasing goods and services online has […]

What to Know When Opening a Merchant Account

Most merchants like to think they are savvy when it comes to shopping for a merchant account. I mean how hard can it be, you just look at the rate, find the cheapest one and sign up, right? It is no wonder that many merchants feel taken advantage of by their processor and angry with their sales […]

Are You Getting Taken Advantage of by Credit Card Processors?

I would say that the merchant services industry is competitive, and even cut throat in some cases. Many merchants have been taken advantage of by credit card processors’ ads of low teaser rates and costly equipment. I was working on a very large merchant account this past week and felt that the proposal we put […]

How Rising Interchange Rates Can Affect Your Business

Interchange Rates There are many third-party processors out there that benefit when the Bank Card Associations, Visa and MasterCard, raise their rates. They look at this as an opportunity to make an additional profit from their merchants. Merchant services providers get to decide how they will pass the various increases and decreases through to the […]

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