Merchant Services Affected by Financial Crisis

Credit Card Debt

According to the Fox News, American’s total credit card debt has reached 1 Trillion– up 6 …

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Does Your Payment Gateway Measure Up?

Online Shopping On The Rise        online shopping

Online shopping is at an all-time high. According to, Statista Portal over …

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Post Transaction Marketing – Is It Worth the Risk for eCommerce Merchants?

Post Transaction Marketing

In the first half of 2017, e-commerce revenue amounted to approximately $1,268.9 billion of all retail sales in …

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Want to Gain More Online Customers

Gain More Online Customers

Answer:  Offer alternative payment options

Okay, so what exactly does that mean?  Well, traditionally, merchants only …

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Ecommerce Sales Grow as Retail Stores Shrink?

Ecommerce Sales Grow Is Big   Ecommerce Sales

Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company that provides advice about technology’s …

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Is One Shopping Cart Better Than Another?


Shopping Cart Features and Security

When starting a new business, most merchants generally focus on the features of their …

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New Avenues for E-Commerce

E-Commerce Offers New Avenues for Payment AcceptanceE-Commerce 

1-800-Flowers is paving the way, yet again, for retailers to reach consumers via …

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SET Technology is Back on Visa and MasterCards Plate

Secure Electronic Transactions Or (SET)

Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is an open protocol which has the potential to play a …

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