What are Non-Qualified Transactions and How Can Merchants Avoid Them

Non-Qualified Transactions

Non-Qualified:  I frequently get calls from merchants who say they were quoted one rate, but claim different rates …

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Can You Afford to Give Your Credit Card Processing to the Lowest Bidder?

Your Credit Card Processing?

Processing Credit Cards

With 80% of online shoppers using credit cards, you can’t afford NOT to take credit cards. …

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How Are Your Card Processing Fees Assessed?


Interchange fee” is a term used in the payment card industry to describe a fee that a merchant’s bank …

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What Distinguishes One Credit Card from Another

Are Credit Card the Same?  Credit Card

Not all credit cards are the same. No I don’t mean they are different colors, …

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Is It Getting Harder to Get A Merchant Account?

Merchant Accounts        Merchant Account

Credit card processing has been around for many years in some form or another. Back …

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Does High Risk Mean Big Opportunity or More Losses?

Big Opportunity or More Losses?   high risk

Every day more businesses are going out of business and layoffs continue to plague …

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How Can Accepting Credit Cards Benefit A Business?

It is amazing to me how many different sized businesses still are not accepting credit cards as a form of …

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Are You Getting Taken Advantage of by Credit Card Processors?

I would say that the merchant services industry is competitive, and even cut throat in some cases. Many merchants have …

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How Do Merchants Violate Visa and MasterCard Rules?

VISA and MasterCard Rules and Regulations
VISA and MasterCard Rules and Regulations

Many merchant violations of the VISA and MasterCard rules don’t even know they have …

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Debit or Credit – Do Merchants Have a Choice?

Debit or Credit?

If your merchant account is set up to accept only credit cards (i.e. you are on online …

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