Can You Afford to Give Your Credit Card Processing to the Lowest Bidder?

Your Credit Card Processing?

Processing Credit Cards

With 80% of online shoppers using credit cards, you can’t afford NOT to take credit cards. …

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How Can Accepting Credit Cards Benefit A Business?

It is amazing to me how many different sized businesses still are not accepting credit cards as a form of …

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Where Are We with Payment Security?

The EMV Standard and Payment Security

In the UK, the migration to EMV technology has reduced fraud with payment security …

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What Will the Credit Card Companies Do To Spark Spending?

Credit Card Companies          Credit Card Companies

The credit card companies have been hard at work coming up with programs …

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Will the New Housing Rescue Bill Sting the Card Processing Industry?

Housing Rescue Bill

Today’s economy gives new meaning to the phrase what goes around comes around.  The new Housing Rescue …

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