ERP Processing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become an inseparable part of the corporate landscape. PrismPay is able to integrate with these programs to make them even more effective. ERPs are often used in the processes of product planning, purchasing, sales, inventory management, and much more. These applications will gather, store, and make sense of the data they pull from these different parts of your business. The ability to process payments safely and efficiently is a crucial aspect of any Enterprise Resource Planning system. With the right payment gateway, your business can streamline your Enterprise Resource Planning systems. This can also serve to optimize your company’s revenue sources.

Learn how PrismPay can take your online payment system to the next level. PrismPay offers an open approach to accepting any kind of payment at your POS. We are happy to provide POS hardware and software for your convenience. From cash to credit to mobile payments, we give you a way to handle it all.

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How PrismPay Works With Your ERP

ERP can encompass a large portion of integrated business management. PrismPay allows your system to work within a number of different ERPs. This includes solutions provided by such companies as SAP and Oracle. Your ERP is used to track various resources like revenue, marketing, sales, and more. This comes in addition to commitments like payroll. Our service is designed to work fluidly with your existing system. We want to simplify the payment part of your ERP. Our reporting and analysis capabilities will give you a better understanding and improved control over the payment processes of you and your clients. Learn more about how you can make PrismPay an essential part of your resource planning.

Real-Time Transaction Processing

ERPs typically work at, or close to, real-time. This means that your payment gateway will also need to function at a similar speed. PrismPay is designed to operate as fast your business requires. We can ensure that payment info is validated as it happens. This gives your customers speedy access to the site while making sure that payments are quickly processed. Efficient reporting and reconciliation ensures that any potential issues are swiftly dealt with. These real-time capabilities also extend to our resellers. Our system offers the ability to manage other merchant accounts directly. With real-time management an analysis, you can have more control and improved security over your data.

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Why an Integrated ERP is Essential

ERP systems continue to become even more integral for businesses. IT solutions have become one of the biggest areas of investment for U.S. businesses. A lot of money is going into these programs. This creates opportunities for other companies to capitalize. Many ERP systems used to focus specifically on large corporations. As systems have evolved, many smaller companies have also started to use them. ERPs can read and process large amounts of data in real-time. As a result, they have become valuable components in the world of business. Benefits of an ERP can include the following:

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Error-Free Transactions
  • Real-Time Management
  • Optimized Information Flow

Experience the Difference an ERP Makes

An Enterprise Resource Planning system can greatly optimize many different facets of your business. When you combine it with a seamlessly integrated payment gateway, you can make many aspects of your company much more efficient. Being forced to focus on administrative tasks like payroll requires valuable time. An ERP system with a payment gateway can help to handle many of these jobs. The right suite of ERP software can improve many of your company’s functions. By combining them with other programs you can improve the efficiency of your ERP system itself. Sign up and see how your Enterprise Resource Planning system can benefit from an integrated payment gateway.

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