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PrismPay provides solutions for all your online payment requirements. Our company offers a suite of services for secure end-to-end payments. PrismPay is an industry leader in credit card and electronic check processing for all types of companies. This gives us the experience and knowledge necessary to have the answers your online payment processing platform needs.

Learn how PrismPay can take your online payment system to the next level. PrismPay offers an open approach to accepting any kind of payment at your POS. We are happy to provide POS hardware and software for your convenience. From cash to credit to mobile payments, we give you a way to handle it all. We even support bitcoin!

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Data Synchronization

Our service can help consolidate all of your data. Don’t spread your data thin across your business. Synchronize your information for consistency and convenience. Learn how PrismPay can streamline the synchronization process.

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Our gateway provides trusted payment processing for subscriptions and other recurring billing applications. PrismPay can automate accounts for members-only web portals. Find out how much easier handling your subscription database could be.

Subscription Services

POS Cloud Connect with Legacy Integrations

PrismPay’s cloud connect features are able to function properly with your company’s legacy tech. See how easy integration can be with cloud connectivity. Understand how our POS process can benefit your business.

Instant Accept

InstantAccept is one of the fastest and easiest ways for you to accept payments. Transform your computer into a POS with InstantAccept integration. See how you can simplify your own payment acceptance process.

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Terminal Management System (TMS)

Our service simplifies terminal management for your business. PrismPay can make tracking your various terminals quick and easy. Take advantage of TMS for your business.

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Turn your sensitive data into tokens for additional security. We can provide a unique identification system to keep your customers safe. Learn about this and other important security features.

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VPOS Solution (Gateway)

Find Virtual POS services with PrismPay. Make manually authorizing your card transactions quick and easy. It’s ideal for online stores that need to make fast, secure card-based transactions.

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