ExaDigm Terminals

ExaDigm specializes in complete, end-to-end payment processing that are flexible and tailored for the customer’s needs. There terminals are designed and built with advanced functionality and bulletproof security in mind. ExaDigm’s aim is to protect merchants and their customers’ data through millions of point-of-sale transactions every year. Sign up to see what we can do for you.

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ExaDigm's Hardware

ExaDigm excels in delivering hardware that uses the most cutting-edge tech, packaged in sleek, attractive, modern-looking terminals. With large, beautiful touchscreen displays and distinctive styling, ExaDigm’s hardware is also among the industry’s most advanced in terms of security. They combine blazing-fast processing with multi-channel connectivity and the latest software to create an ideal payment terminal for almost any point-of-sale application. Whether a merchant’s needs are simple or complex, there’s an ExaDigm terminal that will deliver the ideal solution. Check out the list to the right to see more key features of ExaDigm card payment processing terminals.

  • EMV-Certified
  • PCI-Compliant
  • Dual CPUs
  • Flexible Software
  • Full Connectivity
  • High-Res Touchscreens
  • Integrated Printers
  • Sleek Designs
  • Signature-Capable
  • Voice-Activated
  • Dependable Security
  • Video & Audio

Key ExaDigm Terminals

ExaDigm is a clear industry leader with their full set of card payment terminals. They deliver a unique blend of functionality, security, and stylish appearance

  • N5 – The ExaDigm N5 smart point-of-sale tablet’s dual CPU enables merchants to process card transactions faster and more smoothly than ever. It also features a large, high-resolution color touchscreen for multimedia and promotions. It even includes a built-in printer as part of the sleek, attractive package. Click here for the N5 datasheet.
  • NX2200e – The ExaDigm NX2200e is a wireless point-of-sale terminal that delivers complete mobility to merchants and their customers. It’s fully PCI-compliant and secure while offering wireless connectivity for a fast, safe, and easy card payment experience. Click here for the NX2200e datasheet.
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Why ExaDigm Hardware?

ExaDigm offers the latest technology and cutting-edge security with usability-focused terminals that work in the real world. They’ve invested decades into research and development to create hardware that’s dependable, flexible, and scalable for almost any retail or point-of-sale environment. Plus, their hardware is fully supported by PrismPay’s secure payment infrastructure. That means we combine to bring you one of the industry’s leading point-of-sale card payment processing solutions. With PrismPay and ExaDigm, you get the flexibility, speed, security, and convenience you need to enhance your customer experience. Sign up to see how we can help you.

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