Shopify is one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms on the market today. It currently has more than 120,000 stores on its books from a range of different industries. It comes with features that allow you to craft the store you envision. And when it’s combined with the PrismPay platform for payments, you have the ideal combination for a store you can be proud of.

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Features: Shopify

Shopify is best used together with PrismPay for payments. You can take advantage of features that make it easy to create a professional website from over 100 different themes. You also get a secure payment processing service that can be presented in multiple languages along with full encryption technology. This will give you an online store that looks great but also delivers on providing a secure, impressive platform that your customers are going to feel comfortable ordering through. PrismPay can be used with any Shopify package. Shopify provides you with a customizable store that can be created to your brand’s specifications. Furthermore, the PrismPay portal can be fully integrated with any of the themes you decide to use with your eCommerce platform.

  • Advanced Interface
  • Easy Control
  • Customizable
  • Marketing & Analytics Tools
  • Mobile support
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Sophisticated Security
  • Responsive Support

Why Use Shopify with PrismPay?

Shopify is an incredible eCommerce platform, but PrismPay makes it even better. Of all the payment portals that are compatible with Shopify, PrismPay delivers advantages the others don’t. With this payment option, you get an advanced platform that processes payments in real-time in a secure manner. The level of security is high due to the advanced encryption technology in place. When payments are completed, you’re able to customize your reports to generate important information about your customers. For this reason, this complete solution should be your first choice when building a Shopify platform.

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Designed for the Modern eCommerce World

Shopify is a platform that fully meets the demands of modern eCommerce. PrismPay is what provides you and your customers with the peace of mind needed to shop online. It comes with the highest level of security through cutting-edge encryption technology. Furthermore, this happens in an environment that accepts all major payment choices and uses a simple interface for customers.

The key for entrepreneurs is that they don’t have the responsibility of storing sensitive data on their own servers. This takes the liability away from them. Your customers will have their data stored on the payment platform’s own personal servers, housed in the USA. Compliance is one of PrismPay’s top priorities, so you and your customers have nothing to worry about when ordering products and services through your website. Shopify and PrismPay make the ideal combination because you get to take advantage of Shopify’s innovative approach to eCommerce and PrismPay’s attention to the latest security features. Sign up today to get started!

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