Payment Gateway Solutions

When you’re running a business, you need payment processing that doesn’t slow you down. That’s why PrismPay goes the extra mile to ensure that we provide your business with a fast, reliable payment gateway solution. Our gateway solutions work in a variety of industries and situations from dining to retail to eCommerce. PrismPay gateway solutions make it easy to ensure a secure transaction for you and your customers that you can rely on. It’s our mission to give you as many different options to accept payments as possible in as many different ways as you like.

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Easy Integration

Our platform works with all current payment options from credit cards to mobile payments to payments by phone and more. We make it easy to choose the best means of accepting payment for your business with tools like shopping carts and mobile in addition to traditional means. Take a look below to see the great benefits you get by choosing payment gateway solutions with PrismPay:

Shopping Cart Integrations

If you’re looking for a way to improve the speed, security, and reliability of your online retail business, PrismPay offers a full host of ways to give you the latest and greatest in shopping carts. Make checkout even more seamless for potential customers to keep them coming back in the future. Plus, with our secure servers, you’ll never have to worry about their data not being protected.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Upgrade Any Business

No matter if your business is part of a larger franchise or you’re just getting started setting up your first shop, PrismPay can help you upgrade your business in a way that prepares it for the future. We make it incredibly simple to bring our gateway solutions to any business. From conventional terminals in a physical store to accepting payments on a mobile device to digital shopping carts, we bring several choices to the table.

We give you a full, flexible suite of ways to receive payments on your terms no matter what kind of business you operate. Our options cover you whether you run a brick and mortar retail business, your business is online only, or you’re taking your business on the road. With payment gateway solutions from PrismPay, you’ll never have to worry about how you accept payments. We offer a solution for every situation.

Our Solutions

Having options matters. That’s why PrismPay empowers you to implement payment gateway solutions in a variety of ways that work for you and your business. No matter what shape your business takes or how you want to run it, we have a solution just for you. From our physical location options to our online options, PrismPay brings a full host of ways for you to easily accept payments with our gateway solutions quickly and securely! Sign up to learn more about our products.

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