Regardless of the industry or  industries your business is engaged in, POS Cloud Connect has a solution that will provide safe and secure payments for you and your customers. PrismPay wasn’t built with any one industry in mind. It was built to work with all of them, bringing a robust way to accept payments quickly in a large variety of ways. By implementing our secure, fast payment gateway solution into your business, from healthcare to retail to hospitality, we cover every industry you can think of. With our dynamic payment solutions, you’ll have access to more data, be able to receive money faster, and protect information better with every transaction. Sign up now to take your first step with us.

PrismPay Is a Great Addition to Any Industry

Regardless of the industry your business is engaged in, POS Cloud Connect has a solution that will provide safe and secure payments for you and your customers. Whether you require card-present or card-not-present, PrismPay and POS Cloud Connect can provide you with the necessary technology, terminals, support, and experience to enhance your customer’s experience.

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurant
  • eCommerce
  • Pharmacy
  • Non-profit
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Financial
  • Legal & government

Retail Solutions

In retail, it’s important to be able to accept purchases reliably and quickly. But it’s just as important to have the option to add onto that experience by being building out and establishing customer loyalty programs. These give you the chance to seize more opportunities to build a relationship with your customer base. With PrismPay, building your own loyalty program is incredibly easy. Plus, you’ll have access to customer purchase tracking, secure processing, and many more powerful options. All of these great features come standard with your PrismPay integrations.

Restaurant Solutions

Bringing PrismPay to your restaurant can help you improve quality fast. In addition to quick, secure payments processing, we give you terminal options that can make an impression. With options for pay at table and mobile terminals, your diners can have a greater level of control over their experience. Plus, the added tools for feedback can be a valuable asset to developing your business into the future. Check out our downloadable documents below for further info, and sign up now to learn even more.

Speed & Security in Every Industry

Healthcare Solutions

In the healthcare industry, you’ve already got enough to worry about between maintaining records, billing, and more. By implementing PrismPay into a healthcare setting, you’ll be much better equipped to integrate payments into patient records. The PrismPay gateway is a simple way to add a visualization to who’s paid and who hasn’t paid. Plus, you can roll PrismPay into any online bill paying systems to give patients a convenient channel to pay for any appointments or procedures in a convenient way online. No matter what your industry, PrismPay brings a simple way to add a rich set of features. Sign up today to begin taking advantage of our premier gateway.