As one of the primary platforms on the internet for viewing and sharing images, Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your products and services for sale. No matter what form they take, giving your audience a way to take a look at them will only increase their willingness to purchase them. With PrismPay, your customers will have an simple, fast checkout. PrismPay offers a secure checkout experience that requires less work from customers, deposits payments into your account faster, and does it all with the highest levels of security. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to link to your purchase page from your Instagram account, meaning there are even less steps between you and your audience.

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Advantages of Using PrismPay with Instagram

PrismPay lets you provide a safe, fast way for your audience to engage with your brand. No matter what you’re selling, the checkout process will provide customers with an experience that takes their security seriously by using high-end encryption. In addition, PrismPay is easy to implement into any Instagram account, giving you more options for how you sell.

  • Emphasis on Visual Appeal
  • Ideal for Showcasing Products & Services
  • Large Audience
  • Sharing Features

Getting Started is Easy

Adding PrismPay to your business is designed to be an effortless process. No new equipment is required to get started, because PrismPay is implemented alongside any equipment you already have installed. Our team will walk you through every step of the way from installing it for use with your equipment to establishing your digital checkouts for products and services for sale on Instagram. That means that you won’t have to worry about a complicated setup, and you can get started using it sooner. Start now by signing up with us today!

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PrismPay Brings You Customer Insights

Because of our advanced service, PrismPay is able to provide you with customer insights dynamically, so that you can more accurately gauge strategy in the future. Our checkout process helps you learn more with advanced reporting functionality, giving you an idea of what demographics are interested in your products. This makes it easy to view how much of your sales are coming from Instagram as opposed to other social media channels, making it clear how much business you’re getting through the platform. Get the most from your Instagram sales by signing up with PrismPay today.

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