MFmPAY – Mobile Commerce

MFmPay and Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is an essential aspect of nearly every business today. PrismPay offers MFmPay and mobile commerce solutions to help you keep your business in front of the mobile payment process. Our payment gateway can optimize the transaction process across a number of mobile devices. Virtually every business understands the importance of eCommerce at this point. But even now, eCommerce is being supplanted by or mCommerce. Mobile commerce can be easily explained. It’s the process of shopping or performing retail transactions through a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet). It has been proven that users frequently spend more time on their phones than on desktop computers. That’s why it’s so crucial that businesses can take advantage of this burgeoning industry. Don’t allow your company to be left behind. Sign up today to learn how PrismPay can perfect your mobile payment services.