Handy Healthcare Payment Applications and More

Hospitals and other healthcare providers deal with an incredible amount of data every day. This comes in the form of payments, sensitive information, and more. When you’re handling that volume of data, it helps to have a reliable partner to help process it all and keep it safe. PrismPay is here to help health providers handle payments and keep data secure.

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Convenient EHR Integration

Our suite of payment applications is developed to work together with the systems you already have in place. Through this, we provide a larger amount of choices when it comes to payment acceptance. PrismPay is able to integrate with some of the world’s leading electronic health record platforms (EHR). This includes popular services such as Epic and Greenway EHR. See how much simpler and easier payment acceptance and reconciliation can be with the right payment application. Work with a PrismPay professional to discover how your healthcare business can benefit from our services.

PrismPay Helps Protect HealthCare Data

PrismPay does a lot more than just process payments. It can also be used to keep your data secure. Our service offers real-time risk assessment and fraud mitigation strategies. PrismPay is certified and in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. This encompasses 12 different areas of information security. You can rest assured that your healthcare data will be protected with PrismPay. Our fraud protection utility lets users input safety precautions for internet transactions. This is in addition to mail and telephone orders. Details on cards and payment methods are encrypted throughout all parts of the process. We ensure that all of your payments are processed and authorized in a secure manner.

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Improving Healthcare Functionality

PrismPay can be used to serve many different parts of the healthcare industry. Whether you’re processing a large volume of payments or need a way to safeguard your data, PrismPay is here to help. Our payment suite offers real-time posting and batch settlement reports. These reports are completely customizable. Users can decide which data fields they want to see and arrange their order. By staying informed on their data, our customers can respond quickly while also monitoring for potential fraud. Process and protect your patient’s payments through IVR, kiosk, mobile, online, or in person. See some of the other healthcare areas PrismPay can support:

  • All Payment Methods
  • Security and Fraud Protection
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)

Dependable Support for Healthcare Service

There’s a lot to consider when handling healthcare payments and delicate data. It’s important that payments be processed swiftly and efficiently. This isn’t just for the benefit of you and your patients. It also helps with insurance providers. Comprehensive reporting and support for multiple locations helps make sure that you and your customers are covered during the process. There are many ways that healthcare providers can take advantage of the solutions available from one of the world’s leading innovators in payment technology. Sign up or speak to a PrismPay associate to learn more about what our service can do you for you.

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