What are Non-Qualified Transactions and How Can Merchants Avoid Them

Non-Qualified Transactions

Non-Qualified:  I frequently get calls from merchants who say they were quoted one rate, but claim different rates …

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How Are Your Card Processing Fees Assessed?


Interchange fee” is a term used in the payment card industry to describe a fee that a merchant’s bank …

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Is Your Merchant Account Considered High Risk?

Merchant Account Considered High Risk

Many financial institutions are tightening up guidelines and raising fees. These days even acquiring banks …

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POS Security Poodle Warning ! Is Your POS System Secure?  PCI Compliance is Coming Soon June 2018

SSL encryption is …

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Understanding Merchant Account Fees and Their Terminology

Over the past couple of weeks I have run into many merchants that feel ripped off by their merchant sales …

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Preventing Chargebacks


Preventing Chargebacks, How to Do It!

Even if you manage to keep your chargebacks below the 1/2 – 1% threshold, …

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What Hidden Merchant Account Fees Should You Watch Out For?

We all frequently read about various types of scams to look out for, warnings of Packet Sniffing, and stolen …

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Will Lack of Credit Options Lead to Rising Interchange Rates?

Interchange Rates and Merchant Accounts

If we have learned anything over the last year, it is that no industry is …

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