What Distinguishes One Credit Card from Another

Are Credit Card the Same?  Credit Card

Not all credit cards are the same. No I don’t mean they are different colors, …

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Is It Getting Harder to Get A Merchant Account?

Merchant Accounts        Merchant Account

Credit card processing has been around for many years in some form or another. Back …

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Is Your Merchant Account Considered High Risk?

Merchant Account Considered High Risk

Many financial institutions are tightening up guidelines and raising fees. These days even acquiring banks …

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Merchant Accounts and the Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Merchant Accounts And PCI

One would be hard pressed to find anyone in the United States or around the world …

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What is an ISO and How Does It Affect Merchant Accounts?

What is an ISO ?  iso

All applications for a merchant account go through an underwriting process to gauge the level …

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How Can Accepting Credit Cards Benefit A Business?

It is amazing to me how many different sized businesses still are not accepting credit cards as a form of …

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Understanding Merchant Account Fees and Their Terminology

Over the past couple of weeks I have run into many merchants that feel ripped off by their merchant sales …

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Are You Getting Taken Advantage of by Credit Card Processors?

I would say that the merchant services industry is competitive, and even cut throat in some cases. Many merchants have …

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Profits from High Risk Businesses May Not Last Long

High Risk Businesses ?

It is projected by many economists that the downturn in our nation’s financial status is only …

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Want to Pay by Credit Card? Minimum Purchase $10

“Minimum Credit Card Purchase is $10″

If you have seen a sign like this at a retail store, you …

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