Merchants: Are Your Vendors PCI Compliant?

Are Your Vendors PCI Compliant? Visa, who has always been the strictest association regarding PCI compliance, data security, and cardholder protection, has set the pace again. Merchants who accept multiple card types are required to follow the strictest card operating guidelines to become PCI compliant which usually come from Visa. They issued series of mandates […]

What Does PCI Really Mean to the Average Business Owner?

What does PCI mean to Merchants ? Merchant Services Providers and merchants have been hearing about PCI Compliance for the past few years. Sometimes there is a lack of understanding about what is needed to become PCI compliant. We come across information online or by word of mouth, and it may not always be correct. Some say […]

How Do Business Owners Keep Up with New Compliance Rules Each Year?

Business owners already have a lot to worry about regarding changing tax laws and employee wage laws, now they have to add Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance to the mix. PCI Compliance has evolved with each passing year. Business owners are already up against rules, restrictions, and deadlines that are added every year. Some feel […]

How to Stay Off the MATCH File

Even if you’ve never been on the dreaded Terminated Merchant File (also known as the TMF MATCH List, you need to take measures to ensure that you don’t end up on it. How? For starters, rethink whom you do business with. Signing up with the wrong processor greatly increases your chance of landing on the MATCH file, […]

EMV Migration

EMV Migration Forum Changes Name to US Payments Forum, Expands Focus to Additional Emerging Payments Technologies Permalink Share Princeton Junction, N.J., July 20, 2016 – The EMV Migration Forum has been instrumental in the progress of the U.S. migration to EMV chip technology by providing a forum for essential cooperation and coordination across the whole payments ecosystem, including […]

U.S. Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift Delayed

EMV Liability Shift Delayed New Visa Fraud Monitoring Program for Automated Fuel Dispensers Visa has been working with merchants, acquirers, and fuel-industry providers to support migration to the more secure EMV technology. However, due to challenges with EMV Automated Fuel Dispensers (AFD) solution readiness, Visa is delaying the U.S. domestic AFD EMV liability shift date […]

Remedies for Chargebacks

To keep your chargeback ratio in check you have to take a proactive role. You can actually prevent chargebacks from escalating – and counting towards your monthly allotment. The most common categories for chargebacks include point-of-sale errors, customer disputes, and fraud – and within these categories are a multitude of possible reasons. Understanding the reasons provides insight […]

Is Your Company’s Wireless Network Secure?

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is an algorithm used to secure your wireless network also know as a Wi-Fi Network. Many major retailers, such as TJ Maxx, use WEP and have recently been hacked into. Many weaknesses have been identified when using a WEP connection and it has been known to be easily hacked. In the PCI […]

Where Are We with Payment Security?

The EMV Standard and Payment Security In the UK, the migration to EMV technology has reduced fraud with payment security in face-to-face transactions since EMV adoption in 2003.  The EMV standard operates with EMV-compliant cards (which have embedded chips instead of magnetic stripes) and EMV-compliant POS terminals.  The chips require a PIN entry for a […]

Interchange Fee Legislation – Who Will Pay the Price?

This spring, U.S. Representatives Peter Welch (D-VT) and Bill Shuster (R-PA), introduced HR 2382, the Credit Card Interchange Fees Act of 2009.  Welch, the bill’s author, states that “credit card fees are killing small businesses.”  The act, targeted to help small retailers, would limit the fees charged to merchants.  It would also prohibit charging higher […]

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