Merchants: Are Your Vendors PCI Compliant?

Are Your Vendors PCI Compliant?  vendors

Visa, who has always been the strictest association regarding PCI compliance, data security, and …

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What Does PCI Really Mean to the Average Business Owner?

What does PCI mean to Merchants ?


Merchant Services Providers and merchants have been hearing about PCI Compliance for the …

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How Do Business Owners Keep Up with New Compliance Rules Each Year?

New Compliance Rules Each Year?   Rules

Business owners already have a lot to worry about regarding changing tax laws and …

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What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS?                       PCI DSS

Many merchants ask me this question and …

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How to Stay Off the MATCH File


Even if you’ve never been on the dreaded Terminated Merchant File (also known as TMF MATCH) list, you need to …

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EMV Migration

EMV MigrationEMV Migration Forum Changes Name to US Payments Forum, Expands Focus to Additional Emerging Payments Technologies Permalink Share

Princeton Junction,

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U.S. Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift Delayed

EMV Liability Shift Delayed

New Visa Fraud Monitoring Program for Automated Fuel Dispensers
Visa has been working with merchants, acquirers, …

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Is Your Company’s Wireless Network Secure?

Network Security, Cyber Security

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is an algorithm used to secure your wireless network also know as a Wi-Fi Network. Many …

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Where Are We with Payment Security?

The EMV Standard and Payment Security

In the UK, the migration to EMV technology has reduced fraud with payment security …

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Interchange Fee Legislation – Who Will Pay the Price?

Interchange Fee Legislation interchange fee

This spring, U.S. Representatives Peter Welch (D-VT) and Bill Shuster (R-PA), introduced HR 2382, the Credit Card …

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