How Secure Is Your Web Application?

With the threats to data security in e-commerce, web application security should be the on the top of the list of concerns for any merchant. If a survey conducted by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is any example, organizations and merchants are only responding to security threats when they should be testing the […]

Where Are We with Payment Security?

The EMV Standard and Payment Security In the UK, the migration to EMV technology has reduced fraud with payment security in face-to-face transactions since EMV adoption in 2003.  The EMV standard operates with EMV-compliant cards (which have embedded chips instead of magnetic stripes) and EMV-compliant POS terminals.  The chips require a PIN entry for a […]

Data Security: Who is Responsible?

The latest news about Heartland Payment Systems’ 2008 security breach revealed some alarming, yet important, issues about the reporting of breaches and responsibility of the players involved in data security. Heartland’s 2008 data breach is supposedly the largest breach of that year, but not the only one hit by the same hacker. According to Bob Carr, CEO […]

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