TMF MATCH List or Terminated Merchant File

Some lists you want to be on-like the VIP list. But the TMF is one list you don’t want to …

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Can Chargebacks Set Your Business Back?

Chargeback effects on my Business    chargeback

It used to be that if you got a faulty product, poor service or …

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Is Your Merchant Account Considered High Risk?

Merchant Account Considered High Risk

Many financial institutions are tightening up guidelines and raising fees. These days even acquiring banks …

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Post Transaction Marketing – Is It Worth the Risk for eCommerce Merchants?

Post Transaction Marketing

In the first half of 2017, e-commerce revenue amounted to approximately $1,268.9 billion of all retail sales in …

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Ecommerce Sales Grow as Retail Stores Shrink?

Ecommerce Sales Grow Is Big   Ecommerce Sales

Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company that provides advice about technology’s …

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How to Stay Off the MATCH File


Even if you’ve never been on the dreaded Terminated Merchant File (also known as TMF MATCH) list, you need to …

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Preventing Chargebacks


Preventing Chargebacks, How to Do It!

Even if you manage to keep your chargebacks below the 1/2 – 1% threshold, …

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Remedies for Chargebacks

Chargebacks Remedies

To keep your chargeback ratio in check you have to take a proactive role. You can actually prevent …

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To Imprint or Not to Imprint

Credit Card Imprint and Imprinter

Credit Card Imprint Or Not ?

Most businesses seem to think that an old fashioned knuckle buster is not needed. …

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Chargeback Ratios… the Unwritten Rules

While Visa and MasterCard don’t approve merchant accounts, they do hold all the cards – pardon the pun – when …

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