What to Know When Opening a Merchant Account

Most merchants like to think they are savvy when it comes to shopping for a merchant account. I mean how hard can it be, you just look at the rate, find the cheapest one and sign up, right? It is no wonder that many merchants feel taken advantage of by their processor and angry with their sales […]

How to Stay Off the MATCH File

Even if you’ve never been on the dreaded Terminated Merchant File (also known as the TMF MATCH List, you need to take measures to ensure that you don’t end up on it. How? For starters, rethink whom you do business with. Signing up with the wrong processor greatly increases your chance of landing on the MATCH file, […]

POS Security Poodle Warning!

PCI Compliance is Coming Soon June 2018 SSL encryption is a standard encryption method used for decades.  A vulnerability named POODLE has been detected within SSL and is no longer PCI compliant.  POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) is a vulnerability in SSL that could allow a hacker to extract data from secure online […]

EMV Migration

EMV Migration Forum Changes Name to US Payments Forum, Expands Focus to Additional Emerging Payments Technologies Permalink Share Princeton Junction, N.J., July 20, 2016 – The EMV Migration Forum has been instrumental in the progress of the U.S. migration to EMV chip technology by providing a forum for essential cooperation and coordination across the whole payments ecosystem, including […]

U.S. Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift Delayed

EMV Liability Shift Delayed New Visa Fraud Monitoring Program for Automated Fuel Dispensers Visa has been working with merchants, acquirers, and fuel-industry providers to support migration to the more secure EMV technology. However, due to challenges with EMV Automated Fuel Dispensers (AFD) solution readiness, Visa is delaying the U.S. domestic AFD EMV liability shift date […]

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