FTC to possibly ban payment methods due to susceptibility of fraud

FTC Calls for Reform The FTC has recently called for reforms to the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule and as a result has issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making. The proposed amendments would prohibit the use of certain novel payment methods by telemarketers and extend the ban on recovery services. If the amendments are approved […]

Mobile Contactless Payments

Introducing Mobile Contactless Payments in the United States Using your cell phone as a primary method to make mobile contactless payments may finally become a reality in the U.S. AT&T and Verizon are indeed encroaching into the electronic payment space, possibly creating a real threat to Visa and MasterCard. According to Bloomberg, the two wireless […]

Social Sharing Networks and Data Protection

Social sharing networks meet the credit card industry – in a new way this time. Although, I’m sure a recent new venture would have preferred a more favorable type of news release. Blippy, a new social sharing network site which allows users to share their credit card purchases, unintentionally exposed the financial information of some […]

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