Card Association Response to Updated FTC Regulations

In January, MasterCard made an effort to enforce new regulations and best practice guidelines pertaining to online direct marketing – specifically “negative option” marketing, which they consider to be a “brand damaging” practice.  The FTC Negative Option staff report, featuring five key marketing principles, triggered both Visa and MasterCard to make changes to their operating […]

More Crackdown on Post-Transaction Marketing

Some recent news and government actions affecting online retailers enrolling consumers in membership clubs warrants a follow up to my blog a few months ago about post transaction marketing. In late January, NY Attorney General Cuomo made some strong moves in the battle against post-transaction marketing.  His office reached an agreement with Fandango, in which the online […]

PCI Compliance – Why Merchants Need to Take It Seriously – Part 1

Having a merchant account comes with responsibility.  While a merchant may be concerned with revenue and how to grow its business, payment card industry (PCI) compliance should be at the top of the list as well.  The main purpose of PCI compliance is data security, which applies to any party involved in processing credit card […]

Can You Trust Mobile Phones with Your Money?

Mobile Phones with Your Money Recent reports about the security of mobile phone payments has raised red flags on the next hot payment channel.  Encryption on GSM calls has already been hacked and various researchers have released findings and tools that might encourage cybercrime.  Well, maybe not exactly the motive, but a GSM encryption codebook […]

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