The Evolution of Contactless Payment Technology

We have seen the contactless payment technology and their functionality pop up in many stores over the last few years. You have probably seen the popular commercial where people are walking in an efficient circle, taping their card onto a contactless device, until one guy pulls out cash and the whole line comes to a […]

What Will the Credit Card Companies Do To Spark Spending?

The credit card companies have been hard at work coming up with programs to entice consumers to spend more and travel more this holiday season. With the uncertain economy, shoppers are holding on to every penny and looking for the best deal possible. It’s no wonder that the credit card companies and banks have begun […]

Are Debit Cards Outweighing Credit Cards?

Banks are becoming leerier to issuing credit cards. The alternative is to issue debit cards so that there are no default payments. Although this is good in the short term, they also eliminate a huge stream of income by not being able to collect interest. Many people are trying to avoid using credit cards by […]

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