Watch Out for Merchant Account Scams

With technology on the rise and our economy weakening more and more, scams are evolving within various industries. The merchant services industry is vulnerable to a variety of different merchant account scams. About a month ago, a merchant contacted our company to set up a merchant account and began running thousands of dollars in transactions. […]

Are VISA and MasterCard Going Too Far?

In recent news, Discover Financial Services has been going round and round in a lawsuit with Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. Discover claims restrictions were placed by Visa and MasterCard – the world’s two largest card companies – on banks to stifle competition and violate antitrust laws. Visa and MasterCard argue that Discover simply has […]

Are Businesses in Store for More Interchange Increases?

I have discussed in previous posts new Interchange category rate changes that most business owners have most likely seen notifications about on their statements. Most of these notices say “Increase” and these increases are being passed on the merchant. Not all Interchange categories have experienced increases – the main changes have been in the Business, […]

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