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Reliable, Real-Time Transaction Management

The world of online business is fast-paced. It’s vital that your company can cut through the clutter and focus on business. PrismPay handles transactions to let businesses focus on what matters. We actively manage every aspect of your payment system. This includes payment acceptance, processing, order screening, fraud management, and enterprise payment security. Our complete, modular system of web-based services is convenient and flexible. Add more options when you need them. No need for expensive and time-consuming IT projects. Learn how PrismPay can take your online payment system to the next level. PrismPay offers an open approach to accepting any kind of payment at your POS. We are happy to provide POS hardware and software for your convenience. From cash to credit to mobile payments, we give you a way to handle it all.

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Gateway Features

The advanced gateway from PrismPay is able to streamline and optimize your payment process. Our gateway is connected to all major US processing platforms and many International platforms. See more of our unique features.

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EMV (Chip & PIN)

Our network is built to move any type of real-time data. We are well versed in EMV hardware coding and certifications. This includes PAX, Ingenico and many more. Learn more on how PrismPay can handle transactions for PIN and PIN-less cards.

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Fraud Solutions

Be confident when you trust PrismPay. Our real-time approach helps prevent eCommerce fraud before it happens. Security and anti-fraud solutions are at the forefront. Find out how we can keep your business protected from fraud.

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Shopping Cart Integrations

We offer several shopping cart options for your convenience. PrismPay’s eCommerce shopping cart plugins let you host your own product catalog. Alternatively, we offer a hosted payment page. See how you can take advantage today.

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Terminal Integrations

PrismPay is designed to smoothly and seamlessly integrate with any terminal. Our system allows for integration with both IP-capable terminals and wireless terminals. Find what works best for your business and see how PrismPay can help.

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PrismPay is proud to be on the leading edge of online payment solutions. The complete, modular platform makes adjusting and customizing your service easy and affordable. Learn more about how we partner with developers.