Terminals & Electronic Cash Registers

Any business that accepts credit cards, debit cards, EBT, checks, or gift cards is going to need some type of system to capture the payment information at the point of sale. This ensures that the merchant has the funds transferred to them quickly and efficiently. VeriFone provides payment terminals to meet any type of need, whether it is a countertop, integrated, or stand-alone terminal. Of course, a terminal alone will not do it all.

IP Terminals

For merchants who have access to an Internet connection, we strongly recommend an IP-capable terminal, as they offer superior speed and transportability.

Wireless Terminals

Prism Pay wireless capabilities give you the option of processing transactions from any location that your WAP enabled phone or wireless PDA has service. You can pre-auth cards, process sales, or view transactions without a “hard-wired” computer.

Electronic Cash Registers

Now you can process retail POS transactions and take advantage of reduced card present merchant account transaction fees using our Virtual POS (VPOS) and an inexpensive credit card swipe reader attached to your PC. No software installation is required, and no dedicated credit card terminal needs to be installed.