Purchase Card Level III

Level 3 transaction are government credit cards or corporate cards, Level 3 transactions require special software to transmit the extra information required to qualify the transaction.

Businesses that have many downgrades due to corporate and government card acceptance should look into a level 2 or level 3 processing solution to avoid downgrading.


Using SubIDs is a way to group transactions for accounting purposes. You can setup up specific SubIDs to fit your account categories or to match departments or divisions within your enterprise. Another option is to use SubIDs for organizing the way you process transactions. For example, the primary ACCT ID can be used to submit web-based transactions, one SUB ID could be setup to accept phone orders, and another sub id could be used for card present transactions. You can also assign users to specific SubIDs for transaction and report viewing.

PIN-Based Debit

PIN-Based Debit is an electronic payment method that allows cardholders to access funds from their bank account at the point of sale using a debit card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The cardholder must enter a PIN to authorize payment of goods, and once the transaction is authorized, the money is debited from the cardholder’s bank account and credited to the merchant.

Note: PIN-Based Debit payment processing is currently only available for merchants processing through the following authorizing networks:

  • FDMS Nashville
  • FDMS North
  • First Data Nashville HostCapture
  • Global East (formerly NDC)
  • IPCommerce Host Capture
  • Paymentech-Tampa
  • RBSLynk
  • TSYS/Vital
  • WorldPay ISO 8583

Credit Card Transaction Load Balancing

Transaction Load Balancing allows you to divide your transaction volume across multiple SubIDs under a single Account ID. When this feature is enabled, processed transactions will be distributed evenly across the selected SubIDs. You may direct transactions to all SubIDs, or a subset of SubIDs that you select.

Currently this functionality is limited to credit card transactions not processed through the Virtual Terminal.

Recurring, Recurring Export, Recurring Manager

  • Transaction Source Controls
  • IP Blocking
  • Restrict Transaction Source
  • Country of Origin Blocking by IP
  • Proxy Blocking
  • Cramming Protection
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • IP Activity Limit
  • Large Transaction Notification
  • Prevent Duplicate Transactions
  • Ship Only to Billing Address
  • Validate Email Domain
  • Email Domain Blocking
  • Reject Free Email Addresses
  • Country Blocking by Address
  • Test CC/ACH Blocking
  • Address Verification
  • Require CVV2
  • Negative Account Blocking CC
  • State Blocking
  • BIN Blocking
  • Negative Bank Account Blocking
  • Allow credits
  • Merchant PIN Account Number
  • 3DES Encryption
  • SOAP Reporting Service Account Key