Pinless Pin Debit

By accepting Pinless Debit transactions you can enable your customers to pay for internet transactions with their debit card without using a PIN.

Pinless Debit is limited to certain business segments and is based on reoccurring payments. Segments that are currently eligible for this Pinless Debit are:

  • Utilities – Telecom, Cable, Satellite, etc
  • Education – Universities and Colleges
  • Government Agencies – City, County, State and Federal
  • Miscellaneous Bill Payment Businesses – Insurance, Medical
  • Regulated industries regarded as low risk. Merchants must prove to have a close relationship with customers and have the immediate ability to discontinue services if payment returns.


Prismpay  is one of the few merchant service providers with the capability to process Pinless Debit transactions. We have integrated this ability with our Prismpay gateway providing a seamless set up process through our Virtual Point of Sale for you and an uninterrupted experience for your customers.


Prismpay’s API’s offer detailed technical information for your technical support staff responsible for integrating your existing e-commerce system with Online Commerce Suite (SOAP, XML interface, Java ,Perl , PHP, SecurePost, ect…)

For more information about PrismPay’s APIs, click here.