POS Cash Register

Pos Cash Register

Three Most Important Questions for My Business !

  1. Why do I need a Pos Cash Register ?
  2. How will my Business will benefit from a Point of Sale Solution?
  3. Why Should I Swap my Cash Register for a POS System?

There are many reasons why any business could benefit from switching to a Prismpay Pos Cash Register.

One of the best reasons is for accounting purposes.  A traditional cash register means examining hundreds of receipts and submitting them , a Point of Sale solution allows you to simply hand over automatically created reports to your accountant, or search for a specific transaction by date or product.

Inventory features are also a huge plus that POS systems have over traditional cash registers. Prismpay POS solutions allow you to manage inventory, frequently linked to your online store. It also provide real-time data, but it allows you to track your best sellers and re-order before your stock gets seriously low.

Prismpay POS solutions are proven to create less errors than cash registers, with built-in checks to stop manual errors when typing in a transaction, and a more user friendly design.. They allow you to sell quicker and with greater efficiency. Repair costs are generally reported to be much lower.

Prismpay Point Of Sale equipment can lower the cost of doing business while improving productivity at the same time.

What Businesses Does a Point of Sale Solution Suit Best?

Prismpay  Point of Sale Solution are suitable for any business, product or service are most popular for the retail and restaurant industries.

If you work in retail, a POS system will provide a comprehensive inventory management tool that will sync between devices. This is especially important if you have more than one staff member using the software or if you have an online store. Email receipts, onscreen signing, and matrix product data, which allows you to easily add the same product in a number of sizes or colors, are all extra features which Prismpay POS solutions offer. Just be sure to be as comprehensive as possible when looking for the best POS system for retail business.

Restaurants, you can equip your staff with Prismpay POS devices which allow them to take orders tableside and then send them directly to the kitchen wirelessly, utilizing a cloud POS system. Management can organize your layout table by table, seeing at a glance which staff member is responsible for which section. Staff management functionality lets you keep track of shifts and employee timekeeping.

Prismpay POS system will provide you with all the latest ways to take payments, including chip cards and mobile payments such as Apple or Android Pay. You can also utilize in-depth reports and analytics for marketing and efficiency.

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