About PrismPay

PrismPay is a leading payment gateway company. The Payment Gateway was designed with you the merchant in mind.


We wanted to provide a simple, low-cost, and innovative solution to the global payment industries. We were able to accomplish this with a shared appreciation for innovation, customer focus and technology. Our goal is to become the premier provider of payment solutions.


The platform infrastructure supports many types of forms of payment including:

  • Card-Present Credit Cards
  • Card Not-Present Credit Cards
  • Signature Debit
  • Pin Debit
  • Pinless Debit
  • Check 21
  • Check Verification
  • ID Verification (Drivers License, Social Security, Green Card, Military ID, Passport)


PrismPay supports the following types of programs:

  • Open and Closed gift cards programs
  • Loyalty Cards
  • ACH Recurring Payments
  • Credit Card Recurring Payments
  • Multi-Currency Authorizations and Settlements
  • Multi-Currency reporting


PrismPay’s Payment Gateway is both PCI and SAS70 certified and supports end to end encryption of transactions using the latest encryption logarithms.


PrismPay is the second oldest gateway infrastructure provider in the U.S.