• Merchants

    PrismPay allows you to process credit cards in a safe and secure environment. PrismPay offers many solutions for different merchant types from retail, restaurant, quikserve, hotel & lodging, car rental, transportation and petroleum.

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  • Resellers

    PrismPay provides a payment gateway that is focused on providing secure, reliable, real-time transaction management for your merchants.

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  • Developers

    PrismPay's integration is is simple and secure.

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PrismPay provides a global internet-overlay network focused on providing secure, reliable, real-time transaction management. Transactions are captured at the POS through either our dial, IP or Host-to-Host communications network and presented to the corresponding banking or private network platform.


PrismPay is Visa CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) and MasterCard SDP (Site Data Protection Program) compliant, and uses a variety of encryption methods including the 3DES encryption standard for Pin Debit transactions to secure each transaction across our network. Our proprietary Internet-overlay network is managed in house by PrismPay on a real-time redundant secure network.


The network is built for moving any type of real-time data such as financial transactions including Credit Card, Debit Card (Pin and Pin-less) Check (Authorization, Verification, and Guarantee), ACH (Debit, Credit, Conversation and Imaging), and micro-payments as well as quasi-financial network transactions including Gift, Rewards, Loyalty, Prepaid, Stored Value, and other non-financial instruments.



Fraud & Risk Tool Suite

PrismPay provides a sophisticated suite of fraud detection and prevention options.


QuickBooks Payment Module

Use your existing Merchant Account to accept payments from within your QuickBooks Online or Desktop software. No need to change your payment processor to Intuit anymore. Now with Card Swipe / Card-Present, eCheck and Check 21.

Virtual Point of Sale

See the newest hardware that works with our browser based POS system, or learn about the new Desktop version available today for Free.

Shopping Cart Integrations

What to know who we’re connected too? Processing Platforms, Types of connections, Shopping Carts, CRM’s and other software and hardware integrations.